Gas Chromatography : Biochemicals, Narcotics and Essential Oils
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ISBN:  9789535149774

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Thông tin xuất bản: Croatia :IntechOpen, 2012,

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Gas Chromatography involves the study of various vaporizable molecules in chemistry and the other related research fields. This analytical method has a number of features and advantages that make it an extremely valuable tool for the identification, quantification and structural elucidation of organic molecules. This book provides detailed gas chromatography information to applications of biochemicals, narcotics and essential oils. The details of the applications were briefly handled by the authors to increase their comprehensibility and feasibility. This guide should be certainly valuable to the novice, as well as to the experienced gas chromatography user who may not have the enough experience about the specific applications covered in this book. We believe this book will prove useful in most laboratories where modern gas chromatography is practiced.

Spectrum analysis, spectrochemistry, mass spectrometry -- bicssc; Solid state chemistry-

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