Topological Groups. Advances, Surveys, and Open Questions
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ISBN:  9783038976448

Thông tin xuất bản: MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute 2019,

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Following the tremendous reception of our first volume on topological groups called ""Topological Groups: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"", we now present our second volume. Like the first volume, this collection contains articles by some of the best scholars in the world on topological groups. A feature of the first volume was surveys, and we continue that tradition in this volume with three new surveys. These surveys are of interest not only to the expert but also to those who are less experienced. Particularly exciting to active researchers, especially young researchers, is the inclusion of over three dozen open questions. This volume consists of 11 papers containing many new and interesting results and examples across the spectrum of topological group theory and related topics. Well-known researchers who contributed to this volume include Taras Banakh, Michael Megrelishvili, Sidney A. Morris, Saharon Shelah, George A. Willis, O'lga V. Sipacheva, and Stephen Wagner.

coarse structure-- descriptive set theory-- free topological group-- group representation-- thick set-

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