Therapeutic Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
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ISBN:  9789533077437

Ký hiệu phân loại: 616.3307545 Diseases of digestive system

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Endoscopy has had a big role in the development of modern gastroenterology. Modern endoscopy will certainly be more therapeutic. It started with endoscopic hemostasis and polipectomy, than beginning of the 1970's with the advent of endoscopic sphincterotomy extended to biliopancreatic pathology and has a huge impact in this difficult pathology. Plastic stents made the first steps in endoscopic palliation of neoplastic jaundice, metallic stents, covered or uncovered are better for biliary palliation and can be used also for palliation neoplastic obstruction at different levels of the digestive tube. Resection of digestive tumors has evolved now to sub-mucosal resection, looking to have one-piece complete resection. Interventional endoscopy is now very complex and takes a lot of time for endoscopists to learn properly these techniques. This book is a very good up-to-date overview of new techniques of interventional endoscopy for those who want to learn or develop their knowledges in this field.
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