Politics of preference : India, United States, and South Africa
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""Public Service" has two different aspects to it: political and administrative. Political representation deals with how people's representatives are elected. It is the second area which is of greater interest in that social assets are distributed and administered among the population. As public policies are administered by a myriad of administrators, it should be of interest in how the administrative personnel are selected. As minorities, based on whatever criteria- be they linguistic, religious, ethnic, tribal or racial- have problems everywhere, their representation in public service is considered important. More so, when there had been public policies which historically and deliberately discriminated against certain sections of the community. In other words, how to ensure a "representative bureaucracy"?"--

Civil service -- Minority employment ; India. ; Civil service -- Minority employment ; South Africa. ; Civil service -- Minority employment ; United States. ; Minorities -- Employment ; Government policy ; India. ; Minorities -- Employment ; Government policy ; South Africa. ; Minorities -- Employment ; Government policy ; United States. ; Public administration -- Social aspects ; India. ; Public administration -- Social aspects ; South Africa. ; Public administration -- Social aspects ; United States. ; BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Government & Business. -- bisacsh; POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Affairs & Administration. -- bisacsh

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