How to do everything with HTML & XHTML

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ISBN:  0072231297

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Thông tin xuất bản: N.Y :McGraw-Hill, 2003,

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Table of Contents How to Do Everything with HTML &
XHTML Chapter - Introduction Part I - HTML Basics—Everything You Need to Build a Web Site Chapter 1 - Get Your Feet Wet with HTML Chapter 2 - Work with Text and Lists Chapter 3 - Modify Text with Text Elements and CSS Chapter 4 - Introduce and Control Color Chapter 5 - All About Links Chapter 6 - Enhance Your Presentation with Graphics Chapter 7 - Enter the World of XHTML Part II - Structuring Your Site Chapter 8 - Organize Data with Tables Chapter 9 - Create Framesets and Frames Pages Chapter 10 - Control Presentation with Style Sheets Part III - Bells and Whistles to Adorn Your Site Chapter 11 - Add Multimedia and other Objects Chapter 12 - Make Your Pages Come Alive with Animation Chapter 13 - All About Image Maps Chapter 14 - Add Interactivity with Forms Chapter 15 - Improve Interactivity with JavaScript Chapter 16 - Understand the Future of XHTML.

HTML (Ngôn ngữ đánh dấu văn bản), XHTML (Ngôn ngữ đánh dấu văn bản),

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