AppleSams teach yourself Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 in 24 hours

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ISBN:  0672325527

Ký hiệu phân loại: 005.72

Thông tin xuất bản: Indianapolis :Sams, 2004, In lần thứ 1

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Ngôn ngữ: Tieng Anh

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Part I. Creating Your First Web Pages Hour 1. Create a Web Page Hour 2. Organize a Page with Links, Lists, and Tables Hour 3. Display Graphics and Photos on a Page Hour 4. Lay Out a Page with Tables Part II. Designing an Entire Web Site Hour 5. Create a New Web Site Hour 6. Develop a Site Quickly with Templates Hour 7. Make Your Site Look Great with Themes Hour 8. Let FrontPage Create a Site for You Part III. Improving Your Site's Appeal Hour 9. Collect Information from Your Visitors Hour 10. Make a Site Look Great with Graphics Hour 11. Offer Animation, Video, and Games Hour 12. Use Web Components to Jazz Up a Site Part IV. Making Your New Site a Success Hour 13. Publish Your Site Hour 14. Attract the Widest Possible Audience Hour 15. Promote a New Site Hour 16. Learn More About Your Site's Audience Part V. Enhancing Your Site Hour 17. Add a Search Engine to Your Site Hour 18. Turn Your Site into a Community Hour 19. Connect a Database to Your Site Hour 20. Use Your Site to Gather Information Part VI. Creating Web Sites Like a Pro Hour 21. Create and Edit Pages Using HTML Hour 22. Format Your Site with Cascading Style Sheets Hour 23. Share Information with XML Hour 24. Divide a Page into Separate Frames Part VII. Appendices Appendix A. FrontPage Internet Resources.

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