Cybercrime and espionage : an analysis of subversive multivector threats

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Tác giả: Will Gragido, John Pirc, Russ Rogers

Ngôn ngữ: eng

ISBN-10: 1597496138

ISBN-13: 978-1597496131

Ký hiệu phân loại: 364.168 Business, financial, professional offenses

Thông tin xuất bản: Rockland, Mass. : Oxford : Syngress ; Elsevier Science [distributor], 2011.

Mô tả vật lý: xv, 254 p. : , ill. ; , 24 cm.

Bộ sưu tập: Xã hội, kinh tế, luật

ID: 76991

Cybercrime and Espionage provides a wealth of knowledge related to the realities seen in the execution of advanced attacks, their success from the perspective of exploitation and their presence within all industry. This book will educate you on realities of advanced, next generation threats, which take form in a variety ways. The authors, working in conjunction with strategic technology partners have key insights into the realm of what these new threats, dubbed "Subversive Multi-Vector Threats" or 'SMT's. Whether the goal is to acquire and subsequently sell intellectual property from one organization to a competitor or the international black markets, to compromise financial data and systems, or undermine the security posture of a nation state by another nation state or sub-national entity, these threats are real and growing at an alarming pace. Includes detailed analysis and examples of the threats in addition to related anecdotal information. Author's combined backgrounds of security, military, and intelligence, give you distinct and timely insights. Presents never before published information: identification and analysis of cybercrime and the psychological profiles that accompany them.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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