Changes in the Russian Terminology of Economic Law since Perestroika
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ISBN:  9783954790470

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Thông tin xuất bản: BernPeter Lang International Academic Publishing Group 2000,

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The present thesis deliberately restricts its area of research in various ways. First, it will only investigate changes in vocabulary that represent semantic change or that can be related to changes in the speakers' attitudes or societal values
any other change (related to stress, orthography, etc.) will not be considered. Second, and more importantly, it will focus on a group of words that is closely defined in two ways - (i) thematically, in that these words must form part of economic terminology, and (ii) in relation to the type of text in which these words are used, namely legal texts, in particular laws. The study will also investigate whether the meanings of pre-Revolutionary terms that have been revived since perestroika differ from their original senses.

Economics -- bicssc; Law -- bicssc

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